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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Help me Win !!.

Hello !, Hi ! everyone reading this entry or my dear follower,

It has been sometime that I have not write in this blog of mine. Yeah, I'm back working and focusing on that for the moment. Ohh.. that doesn't mean that I'm abandoning my blog. Cool yeah. For your information, I have been working on few poems and none of it complete at this moment. Have to wait then and wish me having inspiration to finish it. Kinda stuck for the moment. 

Recently I have this contest running in my company that I'm working with. I have few pictures of mine which I had taken after-work for the contest. At first, it is my intention to join the contest but as times passes it comes nearly to the end and here I'm, have not posted the picture. Oh Gosh!, coming back today I just give it a try and posted the picture and hopefully you and your friend might as well support me. :D

If you have Facebook, have a look on my pictures in the link below. Kindly 'Like' it for me, will ya ?. Thanx for your support !.

By the way, some may wondering,  what is Amadeus ATOM ?. 
Is it an atomic bomb ?. No.. none such thing, its one of solution from Amadeus, The leading technology partner!.
Read it below, and if you're from travel industry especially Travel agency, do contact me as this is a great solution to manage your front - mid office operation. 

Amadeus Travel Office Manager(ATOM) is an office management solution that gives you easy control of booking data, pricing and most importantly profitability. It provides speed and efficiency from creating documents for customers and suppliers to producing management reports.

Key Benefits:
> Easy to use
     > improve operational efficiency and reduces costs
     > provide better service to your customers
> Reliable, stable & secure with Amadeus server & data hosting
> Accessible anytime, anywhere
> Delivers flexible workflow that fits travel consultant’s operation
> Provide by your one-stop-shop travel technology partner

Info taken from . Read more 

1 comment:

Dewi Aja said...

Perkenalkan, saya dari tim kumpulbagi. Saya ingin tau, apakah kiranya anda berencana untuk mengoleksi files menggunakan hosting yang baru?
Jika ya, silahkan kunjungi website kami atau untuk info selengkapnya.

Di sana anda bisa dengan bebas share dan mendowload foto-foto keluarga dan trip, music, video, filem dll dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)

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