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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Me Illustrator

Hi Everyone. Assalamualaikum to my Muslim friends.

Its in Ramadhan Month of Fasting. Happy Fasting to my Muslim friends. As times goes by, It is coming to the week of 3rd that we are fasting. Time goes really fast huh, especially when you have something interesting to do. Something like I do, venturing into vector creation software- Adobe Illustrator.

I tend to get sleepy and mind wandering here in my desk.When it comes to that moment, I try to find something interesting to do or learn.

Past week, I learn abit about Illustrator in between my work and 'boring' time. I have few works but some count as 'boring'. :) And here is my first result of using Illustrator. What I can say, it is fun and easy software. It offers endless variation of art you can imagine. I feel enjoyed as I learn and doing things from scratch. Hope to learn more as days passing by.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm back

Hey Hey everyone.

Have been many many months that I have not post any new entry for my blog. Things has been busy for me lately and I haven't had the opportunity to write something. There has been many interested thing that I want to share with fellow readers after I finished my studies, join in the work environment and subsequently passed my colourfull days in UiTM.

This blog has been messy last time around September 2010, when I tried to change the template. It becomes so messy that I dont know where should I begin to fix it. Coming to 2011, I revisited this blog and fix it little by little. Now, I think it look presentable and simple for reading.

I hope somewhere, someone will enjoy reading my entry and I will try to write anything interesting to share with fellow readers. Stay tuned.