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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supply of Hotel Room

Hii my fellow classmates.

I dont know whether you have search, found or not founding the number of hotel rooms in Malaysia. For those who just started searching, keep it up. I kinda have good mood today, so, I have search, and made a Powerpoint slides on those figures. But, if you want to find your own source, please, by all mean.

I took those from Tourism Malaysia pages, you can check it out if you wanted too. By the way, my    intention is for all of you to be prepared for tomorrow class, in a way that you are able to answer what    Datin asked us to find. If you are free, I suggest you analyze the figures and relates it to overbuilding cycle.    You may also makes your own analyzation on other year (eg. 2007, 2006).

Also, in her last class, she mention about having a quiz. She didn't elaborate much, but just be prepared. Download link as below. Do spread this info to others. I may , or may not coming tomorrow, but I try to come. :) HL

Got some problem with my file hosting. It keep change the file name with '- and .-'
Please read my comment in the download page on how to open the file. Any prob, do comment me on FB.
Regards HL..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi End Cans

Well.. It usual for us to want something. Yeah, we human has unlimited wants and needs. After got something, still we want something else. Lately, I have may things that I wanted to buy. The list even grow as I see the world everyday. Damn.. where should I get the money from ?. Thats the big question.

Calm my friend, I believe everything has solution. For this time around, I hold myself from spending 'like I have 1Million' kind of attitude. Plan properly, & record and monitor my cash/bank flow. Quite good actually, I surprised that I can do this. Saves alot, I'm very particular with my spending at the time being.

Well.. Just to share with fellow reader, I'm aiming to buy new headphone, as my old one is kaput already. I have been thinking alot, should I buy low-end HP or high-end HP. Once, I had the chance to test high end audiophile HP, and I just cant hear from normal HP, the sound is completely in different world.

### My Headphones of Choice ###
1. Audio Technica ATH-AD700
2. Grado Labs Prestige series SR60i or SR80i
3. JVC Premium HARX-900
4. Sennheiser HD555

Again, to afford this kind of luxury item, is exaggerating demand from a student. I'm in dilemma... HL

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wisdom Tooth Operation. Pt. 1

In my late teen years, I had my yearly visit to dentist. Obviously, it was normally for cleaning and scaling. Oppss, I'm running out of luck when the dentist smile and said 'boy, you have wisdom tooth. We need to do minor operation to remove it'. I'm not really surprised at that time, as i thought that, it was just a normal operation. Then, he explained the whole procedure and I was like scared to the bone.

Time passes, and here I am in 2010 with full grown wisdom tooth disturbing my 2nd molar. Damn, I have been constantly irritated by pain caused by this wisdom tooth. It just like a pain in the ass, bugging me all the time. Unable to cope it anymore, I arrange for wisdom tooth removal operation in Health Center UiTM SA. Since I'm a student, I get it free otherwise got to fork out almost RM800 for the operation.

I was told to come by 2pm and it was 2.30 that I get my name called to operation room. I got chill all over my body as I enter the room, seeing all kind the metal equipment arranged nicely over a tray, with about 7 individual discussing about 'I dont know what it is' dentistry stuff. Turns out, 2 of it is a doctor and another 5 is dentistry students, all from dentistry faculty.

OMG, I'm getting my operation with those student looking at me. All are girls, kinda sweet looking and cute by the way ♥♥♥. haha. Wasn't had the chance to talk with the girls as I'm busy with the doctor. The doctor, quite nice, explaining the procedures and answering my question promptly.

Well.. I'll continue with the operation in the next entry. Stay tune.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Death & Resurrection of HDD

This is my dead 2.5 inch HDD.

It was around 1 month ago, when my Samsung IDE 2.5inch 160GB 5400rpm 8MB cache suddenly died. Picture above is the dead HDD when I first get it. Maybe it already reach the end of its lifetime or it just that luck is not on my side. I'm very sad for my assignment and picture that gone with the HDD.

Moving to RMA (Return Material Authorization) process with Samsung website is easy. The ugly thing is that their headquarters is in Singapore. Gosh, I'm started to find small box, padding for shock absorber, and lots of cello tape. It cost me about RM20 for air parcel to SIN, and reach there about 10 days. Once they receive it (13 July 2010), I'm relieved. The next day, they send it to my address in Shah Alam using DHL express parcel. Yeah, i receive it by noon of 15 July.

I feel happy and started to formatting and lots of installing. I'm still worried should this HDD will fail me again. It is surely faster (5400rpm vs 4200rpm) and lighter data access (8MB vs 2MB) compared to my original Seagate HDD. Well, I hope it will last longer... I pray. Please live longer before I get myself desktop HDD for backup .