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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reaching 2MB speed barrier

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Sometimes, when I use my laptop, I somehow feel nostalgic on how I am using Pentium 1 in 90's. Of using TMnet 1515 and Jaring Dial up with speed ranging from 48kbps and max 56kbps (I only get it once, and I'm really happy getting that speed= 56kbps). I mean it was a giant leap in terms of technological advancement, when we see on today's modern gadget.

However, in another way, I felt grateful for living in 80' and 90'. The atmosphere, the feel, the smell of air was different compared to this technological era. Well, enuff said. It was during the last semester break, I was downloading some files and surprisingly it reach to almost 2MBps. It did break slightly over 2MB, sometimes. A minute needed for 100MB files to be downloaded. Its like 1GB = 10 minutes. WTF.

Being accustomed to downloading speed of less than 100kbps and at most peak at 200kbps, I was completely blown to see the astounding speed. Of course, the factor for the speed is due to the special line and high tech equipment being used at the undisclosed location. It was sweet !.