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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supply of Hotel Room

Hii my fellow classmates.

I dont know whether you have search, found or not founding the number of hotel rooms in Malaysia. For those who just started searching, keep it up. I kinda have good mood today, so, I have search, and made a Powerpoint slides on those figures. But, if you want to find your own source, please, by all mean.

I took those from Tourism Malaysia pages, you can check it out if you wanted too. By the way, my    intention is for all of you to be prepared for tomorrow class, in a way that you are able to answer what    Datin asked us to find. If you are free, I suggest you analyze the figures and relates it to overbuilding cycle.    You may also makes your own analyzation on other year (eg. 2007, 2006).

Also, in her last class, she mention about having a quiz. She didn't elaborate much, but just be prepared. Download link as below. Do spread this info to others. I may , or may not coming tomorrow, but I try to come. :) HL

Got some problem with my file hosting. It keep change the file name with '- and .-'
Please read my comment in the download page on how to open the file. Any prob, do comment me on FB.
Regards HL..

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